The purpose of my personal blog.

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Posted on 30th August 2010 by in Uncategorized

Getting right to the point; this blog is my thoughts on business, marketing, entrepreneurship and basically whatever else I feel others might find interesting as my wife and I swim in our own elbow grease, trying to bootstrap a business that was started with less than $500 January 1st, 2010 from our home.

My grammar might suck (as the length of that last sentence can attest!), and there might be a few sprinkles of selective cursing for your reading pleasure. But that’s because that’s me and I’m a real person who sucks at grammar and spelling and  curse when I get the blood pumping.

I have some really interesting ideas for content that I can’t wait to create and share. And I’m really exciting about talking about all of the many screw ups I have made so others can avoid them…and some of you will still make the same mistakes! (that’s just how it goes sometimes) I also like to experiment with marketing tactics and business ideas. I hope to share these experiences and the results on this blog.

You can read more about me here.